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We will be making a big push to get a number of photos posted throughout this weekend.  Please keep in mind, even though there are photos posted in events already, no events are completely uploaded yet.  I will confirm here when events and sessions have been completed uploaded so you know when all available photos are ready for preview.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out at


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Cygnus Snowbowl 2018 - Update #2 Hi Folks,

We will begin uploading a few photos today.  While we do our best to correctly organize them in Day, Session and Event for easy viewing, please note the photos are not necessarily in order.  To ensure not to miss any photos of your Athlete, you will want to scroll through the entire event.

Attached is a price list for digital copies and prints.  High resolution digital downloads are $9.99 each, however coupon codes are available (see the pricing sheet below) which provide discounts for volumes of 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50+ photos.  Please use the coupon codes at checkout for savings.

There are still many photos to go through, and while we will begin uploading events this week, please do not consider an event fully uploaded until we confirm ALL photos have been uploaded, which I will continue to update here on this blog.  Any questions, please feel free to reach out at


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Cygnus Snowbowl 2018 Update Hi Folks,

It was an exciting weekend attending Snowbowl 2018. The routines were amazing to watch and photograph! There were tens of thousands of photos taken over the two day event, we are working hard going through all the photos, in preparation to upload to our website.  We anticipate the first batch of photos will begin uploading by this weekend.  We will continue to provide updates on this blog to confirm when ALL photos have been completely uploaded, so you will not miss any of your Athlete!

Please keep in mind, while we do our best to arrange photos by:  Day,  Sessions, and Events to make it easier to find a specific Athlete, not all photos will be in order.  For example, if you find an Athlete under March 3rd, Session 1, Floor, there could be more photos part way through or at the end of the gallery.  This is due to multiple photographers and different cameras at the event.  We recommend scanning through the entire event to verify you have seen all photos of an Athlete. 

We hope you enjoy the photos, we are very excited to get them posted for all to see! 


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Away for week of May 29th to June 5th - Off to Skills Canada Nationals Hi Folks,

Just a quick note to let people know I will be away from May 29th to June 5th attending the Skills Canada Nationals competition in Winnipeg, MB.  During this time, I will not be able to edit photos, so please be aware, anyone who places an order during this time, there will be a delay in editing until I return on June 5th. I will do my best to complete all orders as quickly as possible on my return.



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Gymnastics Photos Update - April 18th Hi Folks,

Apologies for the delay, I had hoped to have all Gymnastics Photos up by now, however we had a family incident that took me out of action for a few days.  I will be working on them again this week, with the Provincials finishing up in the next couple days, and Snowbowl should be completed by this weekend.  Any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at:


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Gymnastics Photos Update - April 6th-2017 Hello Folks,

Apologies, I have hit a slowdown period.  I volunteer with Skills Canada NL, and their Provincial Competition is tomorrow.  This is a great organization that promotes skills trades to Students across NL.  I highly encourage you to check out their website, as your child may be interested in competing when they begin to hit Junior High Level.  There are over 30 competitions being held tomorrow at the College of the North Atlantic, ranging from Carpentry, Robotics, Public Speaking, Baking, TV Video Production, Hairstyling, and yes Photography, just to name a few.  I am facilitating the Photography competition, which runs the majority of tomorrow, and have been preparing over the past 24 to 48 hours for the event.  While I will be at the College of the North Atlantic for the majority of Friday, I should be in full swing back at Gymnastics photos Saturday and Sunday, and hope to have a good chunk of the Provincials completed, and starting on Cygnus Snowbowl photos.  I hope to have all photos uploaded by end of next weekend, that is my goal.

Please see previous BLOG posts on pricing information, including coupon codes.  A reminder, photos are initially uploaded as non-edited, only photos that are purchased will be edited and re-uploaded for download or prints.  Also keep in mind, the photos are not necessarily in order, if you find photos of your child early in a folder, scroll through the entire folder as there could be more towards the end.

As always, if there are any questions, please do not hesitate to email me directly:   

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Gymnastics Photos Update Hi Folks,

Continuing to post regular updates on photo progress.  Provincial Championship Session #3 Floor photos are currently being uploaded.  I anticipate Session #3 being completely uploaded by end of day tomorrow.  Provincial Championship Session #1 and #2 are complete, while Session #4 I hope to begin uploading photos by Wednesday or Thursday at latest.  If all continues to go well, we should be able to begin uploading Cygnus Snowbowl photos by this weekend, with all photos completely uploaded by mid to late next week at latest.  

We appreciate your patience as we go through over 35 thousand gymnastics photos.  Please keep in mind, photos posted on the website are non-edited photos. Only photos that have been purchased will be edited.  A sample edited photo can be found in the main 2017 Gymnastics folder, and as photos are purchased, they are replaced with edited versions, so you may begin to see a few in specific albums.

Also, see previous blog posts on coupon codes for savings.  Folks who are interested in purchasing 10 or more digital downloads, there are purchase codes you can use at checkout for volume discounts, starting at 15% and as high as 40% depending on volume of photos.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me directly at



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Provincial Gymnastics / Cygnus Snowbowl Photo Update Hi Folks,

We should begin uploading photos from Day 1, Session 3 of Provincials later this evening.  Session 4 will more likely be a few days later.  I hope to have a the Provincials finished by next week, with a start on Cygnus Snowbowl.  Based on the pace we are going, I hope by end of next weekend, to have the majority of photos uploaded.

Just a reminder, the Gymnastics photos posted to my site are non-edited. I only edit photos that are purchased. You can see a sample in the 2017 - Gymnastics Folder.

Also important to remember, I offer coupon codes for folks purchasing multiple digital downloads, please check out the price list. The codes are used at checkout and are as follows:

coupon10 -- 15% discount on 10 or more digital downloads
coupon20 -- 25% discount on 20 or more digital downloads
coupon30 -- 30% discount on 30 or more digital downloads
coupon40 -- 35% discount on 40 or more digital downloads
coupon50 -- 40% discount on 50+ digital downloads

While we are doing our best to arrange photos in Session and Even to help you find photos quickly, keep in mind photos in folders are not necessarily in order. If in one album, you find a number of photos of your child, continue scrolling through the album, there could be more further down. The reason for this, there were multiple cameras photographing at the event.

I hope to have a good portion of Session 3 posted today, and if all goes well, might even get a chance to start Session 4.


Trevor Wragg Photography

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Provincial Gymnastics Photo Update Hi Folks,

For those interested in the Provincial Gymnastics Photos, and Cygnus Snowbowl Photos, please be aware that not all the photos are in order.  To help limit the number of photos you need to filter through to find your child, we have done our best to organize them into Session # and Events.  However, within the Session and events, I recommend scrolling through all the photos, do not stop directly on the photos you may find of your child, as there may be more throughout the album.  We used multiple cameras, hence there are different file names, and there could potentially be more photos if you scroll further through the albums.



P.S.  My last BLOG post had a price list with coupon codes that offer significant savings for volume digital downloads.  Starting at 15% discount for a volume of 10 or more, up to 40% discount for volumes of 50 or more.  Use the coupon codes during checkout to save on volume digital download purchases!  

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Provincial Gymnastics Championship Photos Starting to Upload! Hello,

I have started uploading photos from the Provincial Gymnastics Championship, Session #1.  Please note, only purchased photos will be edited, I have added a sample non-edited vs edited photo in the gallery, and attaching here.  Also, please see price list for coupon codes that can be applied to your checkout cart for discounts on volume digital downloads.  For example, if you wish to purchase 10 or more Digital downloads, the Coupon Code:  coupon10 will add a 15% discount to your total digital download purchase.  See the price list for other coupon codes.

Photos will continue to be uploaded throughout the weekend.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me directly at


Non-Edited vs Edited PhotoExample of an Edited Photo vs Non-Edited. All purchased photos will be edited. Price List with Coupon CodesPrice list for photos. Please take note, if you wish to purchase digital downloads, there are coupon codes for volume downloads that can save you from 15% up to 40% or your purchase price.



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Photos from Provincial Gymnastics Championship & Cygnus Snowbowl 2017 Hi Folks,

First off, I was so excited to be invited to come out and photograph these two great events!  I continue to be amazed by the talent and athleticism of the young Gymnasts in our province.  Between the two events, spanning from Friday to Sunday, we took over thirty-five thousand photos!  It took the remainder of Sunday evening just to load the photos onto PC's for viewing.  And since then, we have been working hard going through the photos, to select those that would make the cut and be uploaded to our website.  I anticipate by this Thursday evening, we will begin uploading photos from Session 1 of the Provincials.  From there, we will continue to upload photos form the events in intervals.  It may take a couple weeks before all photos are uploaded completely, so keep checking back from time to time.

Important to note, we will be uploading unedited photos.  To help make the process go more quickly, I will only be editing photos that are purchased.  If you wish to purchase a digital photo for download, you will be able to download the unedited version right away, however please allow 2 to 5 days (depending on demand at the time) for the edited version to be available.


I will continue to post updates of our progress here, in the meantime if you have any questions, please feel free to email me directly at:




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Official Photographer for Cygnus Gymnastics Snowbowl 2016 I am very proud to be the official sports photographer for Cygnus Gymnastics Snowbowl 2016 competition.  Check out the Cygnus website for further details:  

The competition is this weekend, March 19th and 20th.  Good luck to all athletes participating in the event, I look forward to attending, and capturing the all the amazing action as it unfolds.  

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