Provincial Gymnastics / Cygnus Snowbowl Photo Update

April 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Hi Folks,

We should begin uploading photos from Day 1, Session 3 of Provincials later this evening.  Session 4 will more likely be a few days later.  I hope to have a the Provincials finished by next week, with a start on Cygnus Snowbowl.  Based on the pace we are going, I hope by end of next weekend, to have the majority of photos uploaded.

Just a reminder, the Gymnastics photos posted to my site are non-edited. I only edit photos that are purchased. You can see a sample in the 2017 - Gymnastics Folder.

Also important to remember, I offer coupon codes for folks purchasing multiple digital downloads, please check out the price list. The codes are used at checkout and are as follows:

coupon10 -- 15% discount on 10 or more digital downloads
coupon20 -- 25% discount on 20 or more digital downloads
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coupon50 -- 40% discount on 50+ digital downloads

While we are doing our best to arrange photos in Session and Even to help you find photos quickly, keep in mind photos in folders are not necessarily in order. If in one album, you find a number of photos of your child, continue scrolling through the album, there could be more further down. The reason for this, there were multiple cameras photographing at the event.

I hope to have a good portion of Session 3 posted today, and if all goes well, might even get a chance to start Session 4.


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